Types of Quarries
The Excavation
Lifting Machines


Man having the need to use stone as a material for building, from the Neolithic years until today has developed through the centuries many techniques for its excavation.

At first he used strong woods as bars, that helped detach the big plaques of marble from the surface of the ground, which he used as covers for graves.

In Ancient Greece, the public buildings were built with big stones, elaborated with attention and accuracy. The monolithic columns support the huge weight of these buildings. At the ancient quarries they had great knowledge and ability at the technique of the excavation.

During Roman times, the evolution of the techniques is great. The construction of huge surfaces, amphitheater, hippodromes and other big buildings, assures us the constructors were really good at what they were doing. More often they used brick as building material, because the quarries, although they were a lot, they didn't manage to give as marble as needed. Buildings with arches and domes are constructed. At the Byzantine times, marble is being used more at the temples. Their first quarries are remnants of paganism temples. All the good stones are being used form second use.

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